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Let’s face it, global pandemics are not the only good argument for social distancing.

Consider the collaborative advantages of working with creatives in multiple geographic locations, keeping the night shift safe, hiring staff on maternity/paternity leave, reducing or eliminating physical space costs, and even watching cuts from your couch.

There are plenty of intelligent reasons to virtualize your footprint.
Why We're Better
Optimized Performance

Less Overhead

Less Bandwidth

No Lag

Dynamically Adapts


Your place or ours

Your storage or ours

Collaborative workflow support
same as local editorial

Continental U.S.

DigitalFilm Tree
Studio City, CA

QSR Systems
Valencia, CA

Vista Studios
Playa Vista, CA


Cinematic Media
Mexico City, MX

Server managed router

AES-256 Encryption

Superior to VPN

Intrusion Protection

Duo Authentication


Your computers or ours

Client managed routers

Proprietary security & network monitoring

Enjoy :)

Frequently Asked Questions

We have answers.

Can I use my existing edit system in the Universal Connect workflow?
Absolutely. Many of your components can be repurposed at your WFH remote location.
How fast does my home internet connection need to be?
By design, Universal Connect works with wired residential internet speeds. 
Do I need a powerful home computer to access Universal Connect?
Quite the opposite. All the heavy lifting—such as rendering and exporting—is handled by our specially-tuned Universal Connect workstations.
What if we own our own storage?
Not a problem. As long as you’re utilizing a manufacturer supported configuration, Universal Connect will work.
What if we need to add or subtract systems?
Universal Connect is designed to flex and contract as required up to 330 active clients.
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